Weaving Competition – May 2019

The range of entries we had for this competition was really impressive – see images below. Hats off to all entrants who used imagination and skill to create a wide range of items.

Our winners, each displaying their entry were, from left to right First: Tracy Hare, Second: Freya Barcock-Jones and Third: Alison Jolley

Here are all the entries:

The competition instructions were:

Use this picture as an inspiration for a Weaving project!

You may be inspired by the colours, the textures, the mood, the shapes – who knows? Let it be a springboard for your fabulous creativity.

Your finished article MUST include Weaving of some description, the rest is up to you. Remember weaving is defined by warp threads held under tension and then a weft woven in between them. This may be woven on a weaving frame, a rigid heddle loom or a shafted loom – you may want to take a trip to the beach and find a lovely stone and weave around the stone, who knows! It may be paper weaving, willow weaving, weaving twigs, peg loomed or woven on a coaster!

You may use any fibre content you like but do write down what it is for your submission.

In your submission please include as much information as possible –

  • What inspired you and why?
  • The fibre content or warp and weft
  • What type of loom did you use – or did you use a found object to weave around?
  • Is your woven object designed for a purpose, i.e clothing, cushion cover etc. or as an object d’art? 
  • Anything else you’d like to include!

The Judging will happen at the July meeting and prizes awarded!

Entry costs £5 which goes toward the running of the guild and to buy some lovely prizes!!!