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A message from our Chair, Freya Barcock-Jones, January 2019

My what a year we’ve had, The Bucks Guild started 2018 facing a bleak outlook but with the hard work and passion from the members both past and present we have been able to turn what seemed an impossible task into a very happy outcome. Our membership is growing constantly, we have a new website, a social media presence, a shiny new venue and an exciting programme booked up to the end of 2019! None of this could have been achieved without the hard work and hours put in by the committee who I can’t thank enough.

We have already had 2 meetings in the new venue, a fabulous talk by Wendy Morris who gave us the drive to sample and inspired us with simple techniques to create IKAT style weaving by dying the warp threads – whilst on the loom! I know I came away feeling that even I could achieve these amazing results.

Next we had a brilliant talk and demonstration by the renowned textile artist Barbara Shaw. Her story of how she became a textile artist is not through the standard education route but she is completely self taught, something many of us can relate to. I found this particularly inspirational and her use of colour and texture can be used in our own work whether it be spinning, weaving, dyeing, felting or knitting and crochet.

It’s great to consistently see such a great turn out and to hear conversations around the hall of tips and tricks and ideas to consider over a cup of tea and a slice of cake! I’m so pleased with the overwhelmingly positive response and the messages of thanks, the emails saying how people have been inspired, the friendships already being formed and seeing old friends again. This truly is what the guild should be and I’m proud of what we’ve already achieved and look forward to where it’s going. Thank you to all the members for their support, we literally couldn’t do it without you all!

Happy 2019! Woolly Wishes, Freya

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