Alison’s Adventures in Knitting – January 2022 meeting

Alison Jolley gave a really interesting talk on the history of leisure knitting, told through her collection of knitting paraphernalia. Some of this collection has come to her through generations of knitters from her family, so there was a real personal connection to the talk. Many viewers recognised items from their own hand-me-downs which led to discussion of when certain tools had come into use. The talk came right up to the present day, with the explosion of resources available to us now and where to source vintage tools we might like to add to our own collections. Thank you Alison!

Selection of vintage knitting tools presented on a red velvet background.
Vintage knitting tools

A recording of this talk is now available in our Members Resources

In addition to the talk, members shared their newest completed projects, asked for help with ongoing ones and the latest guild competition was launched.

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