Spinning Competition – January 2020

Use this picture as an inspiration for a spinning project!

You may be inspired by the colours, the textures, the mood, the shapes – who knows? Let it be a springboard for your fabulous creativity.

Your finished article MUST include hand spun of some description, the rest is up to you. You may want to leave it as a skein, or knit it, or weave it, use it in couching and embroidery, felt with it – the list is endless.

You may use any fibre content you like but do write down what it is for your submission.

In your submission please include as much information as possible –

What inspired you and why?
The fibre content
The style of spinning – short forward draw, from the fold, long draw?
How many plies and how you plied it – 2 ply, 3 ply, Andean, Navajo or chain, unbalanced ply etc.
The resultant thickness – 4ply, DK, Chunky etc.
Anything else that you’d like to say!

The competition will be judges at the May Guild meeting